Program Advantages

  • Sun Nuclear 1028xp
  • Radon Lab Certified Results
  • Free Year Calibration
  • Low Monthly Cost

Our New York State Accredited Radon Laboratory will become your direct partner in delivering Certified Radon Results to your clients.

With our Radon Monitor Rental Program you will be a Certified Radon Technician, at no additional cost.

Your company will be a direct affiliate of our radon laboratory

  • Flexible rental terms that allow you to rent radon monitors as you need them
  • Certified radon results immediately
  • Free yearly calibration of radon monitors
  • Free yearly training

Here's how it works:

Step 1.

Deploy a Continuous Radon Monitor at your clients location, and sync the device to our custom app

Step 2.

48 hours later, re-sync Continuous Radon Monitor to our custom app

Step 3.

Download radon report

No need to wait for results to be generated by a third party lab.
No delay in delivering results to your client.